Love is on the River!

A newly engaged couple from this summer - best wishes!

It’s always an exciting day when there’s a proposal onboard one of our boats – what a memorable way to pop the question to the one you love! Since we opened our doors in 2012 we’ve had more than 30 engagements take place on our Duffy Boats and, we’re proud to share, that we have a 100% YES success rate!

A lot goes into planning a proposal and we are here to help. We can arrange catering, help you hire a captain, prepare the boat and help orchestrate, misdirect and mislead the future bride. Allow us to share a couple of tips on planning the perfect Chicago River engagement:

  • Be sure to book your cruise far enough in advanced that we can accommodate you, especially for Wednesday and Saturday fireworks at Navy Pier. These time slots book up quickly so plan ahead!
  • We can recommend catering options for your romantic river cruise and have everything read to go when you arrive. For such an event, we recommend Smith & Wollensky or Artisan Cellar.
  • Whether you’re worried your hands will be shaking too much to drive the boat or if you’d rather just sit in the bow and sip champagne with the one you love we can arrange for a captain to charter your cruise. Captained cruises can have a maximum of 6 people on board and are an additional cost.
  • Have an elaborate set up in mind? No problem, we’ve got you covered! We’re happy to help decorate the boat, set everything up and help ease the stress.
  • Misdirection is part of the fun of a surprise, right? We’re happy to help you scheme, call us and let us know your plan and we’ll do everything we can to help you pull it off!



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