CEBC and Friends of the Chicago River Unite through Mighty Marie!

The health and maintenance of the Chicago River has long been a mission and goal for Friends of the Chicago River and additionally CEBC.

We have always had a passion to support and participate in Chicago based charities. For example, for the first two years of CEBC we donated the proceeds from the “Mighty Marie” to Bright Pink, a Chicago based Breast and Ovarian Health organization.

Currently 10% of the proceeds from our Charity Boat “Mighty Marie” boat rentals get donated to the Friends of the Chicago River Organization.

CEBC's Charity Boat
CEBC’s Charity Boat

Friends of the Chicago River remains the only organization determined to dedicate their services to the Chicago River. With CEBC being a part of the Chicago River and the Marina, we take pride in participating and helping the river any way we can!

Because of the Friends of the Chicago River organization, wildlife and people are able to enjoy and experience a wonderful, beautiful and continuous location in the Chicago Region.

Friends works in partnerships with many organizations, schools, charities, communities and government groups and we feel honored to be a part of this impactful and necessary mission.

This amazing feat is a perfect combination with the brand new and monumental Chicago Riverwalk project which opened recently along the Chicago River!

Because of the efforts from Friends of the Chicago River, people can safely and continuously enjoy all the new activities the Chicago Riverwalk has to offer. Not only can tourists and Chicagoans enjoy the water on varying water crafts, but can also enjoy it from the Riverwalk.

Whether it be from foot or boat the Chicago Riverwalk remains possible and enjoyable largely due to the preservation and safety efforts from Friends of the Chicago River!

With more and more businesses joining the Riverwalk, we at CEBC hope to continue to join in the efforts to maintain an enjoyable and healthy experience for river wildlife and people from all over!

If you’d like to make the Chicago River better for people, plants and animals you can join in on the battle by donating, volunteering, or attending events!

Or if you’d like to help by enjoying a wonderful cruise down the Chicago River, please secure a reservation to go on our Charity Boat the “Mighty Marie” and help donate to this impactful organization.


Whether its evening cruises, forest or wildlife preservation events, informational lectures on wildlife and preservation and more, the Friends of the Chicago River always have something to be a part of.


As you can see above Friends are always working hard to preserve the river and wildlife in order to make it safe for everyone to enjoy. Remember reserving the “Mighty Marie” helps fund this organization’s activities, unless you want to participate first hand then join or volunteer!

The Chicago River is not just important for Boat Tours and a St. Patrick’s Day tradition, but instead holds importance to much of Chicago’s way of life.

The Chicago River is the heart and soul of the Chicago, whether it be the history and growth, resourcefulness, or environmental and economic progress. The river stands as a unifying entity bringing together commerce, transportation, ecology, architecture, recreational activity and even infrastructure planning.

Lets combine our efforts and energy to ensure the long-lasting health and preservation of the historical and beautiful Chicago River!

mighty marie back shot

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