Meet the 2015 CEBC Crew!

Chicago Electric Boat Company is now entering its fourth year offering boat rentals in the heart of downtown Chicago!

But what really makes our company thrive and survive? The answer is our friendly, entertaining and knowledgeable CEBC crew members.

Ever wonder who is really helping you in and out of the boat? Let’s take some time to meet the crew behind the scenes!

Mason: Mason was born in Texas, and he enjoys working at CEBC because of all the new people he gets to meet. His favorite boat to handle is the Miss Amy which is new and is different than any of the other boats we have. Mason is currently in his second year as a crew member and continues to improve every day.

Chris: Chris is one of our most popular crew members because of his friendly attitude and charismatic customer orientations. His favorite boat is the Auntie Mimi because of her personality and beautiful eyes. Mimi is our new Pontoon which was added to our fleet this season. Chris is currently in his third season as a CEBC crew member and one of our most season veterans.

Pat Deau: According to season veteran crew member Pat, he once caught a seven foot bull shark using his hands and apple slices. Hm that sounds interesting and extremely difficult. Pat’s favorite boat is the pontoon because it is brand new and he loves working at CEBC because we are like one big giant family. Awww!

Jack Burns: Jack Burns is in his second year with CEBC and is one of our most popular crew members. He is an avid fisherman and his favorite boat is our new pontoon. He loves working at CEBC because of the outdoor and chill environment. Jack also takes pride is his fraternity and isn’t afraid to let his “frat” show!

Jack Hardy: Jack Hardy is one of our most seasoned veterans as well and has been here as long or longer than any current crew member. He does not work as much as he used to but graces us with his presence every now and then especially when we need him.

Christian: Christian is one of our newest crew members but has fast become on of the most popular with the customers. He is going to be a competitive sailor in college next year. Christian is one of the friendliest and up beat crew members we could possibly have.

David: David is back for his second season and is quick becoming a customer favorite as well. He is entertaining, works hard and can throw down one hell of a beat and verse when he needs to. He enjoys making beats and adding freestyle verses in his spare time.

Johnny: Johnny is also one of our season veteran crew members. He is especially interested in robotics and drones because of his fascination with flight.

Tim: Tim is also a newer crew member but works just as hard as any other. He lived in Italy for two years and is interested in good people and good times. Tim is fond of the Tizzy Lizzy because of her carpeted floors and he really likes the people here both personally and professionally.

Sam Masi: Sam is our crew leader and one of the best at handling our boats and customers when he is needed. Sam has been here since opening day in 2012 so chances are he’s helped you with a boat before. This year Sam is spending a lot of time across the river as he helps us take on a new business venture and partner, Downtown Docks on the Riverwalk. But, thankfully we still have Sam when we need him from time to time!

Frankie: Frankie is also a new crew member this season. He is the oldest of five siblings and he loves CEBC because he loves the crew’s vibe. His favorite boat is our Charity Boat the Mighty Marie because she is “large and in charge” and doesn’t take anybody’s sass on the river!

Wells: Wells is also a new crew member this season but is an extremely hard worker, and a delight to be around. Other employees and customers already have taken a strong liking to Wells! We look forward to what he brings to CEBC in the future.

Sheila: Sheila is new to CEBC this summer as well, and is the very own sibling of our General Manager Shane Martin. Although she is family, she still works very hard and does what is needed to be done when asked. She is gluten-free and loves CEBC because of all the friendly faces she gets to see when she is at work. She does not have a favorite boat because she can’t choose just one.

Come in and visit one of the friendliest and entertaining staff to be around in all of Chicago!

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