Meet Our 2016 Crew Leaders


Summer is here and boat rentals are in full swing! Come and meet some of the friendly faces behind the magic and get to know the 2016 Chicago Electric Boat Company Crew Leaders.


Crew Leaders are an essential part of our operations. They work hard to make sure that your experience is nothing short of amazing, from beginning to end. Crew Leaders are responsible for making sure that all of our boats are clean and running properly before each cruise. Our Crew Leaders also know the Chicago River really well and are great sources of tips to make a great cruise on the river even better.  Take a moment and get to know our Crew Leaders before booking your next trip.



If Pat looks familiar it’s because he has been with us for for the past four season! Pat knows the ins and outs of crew life better than anyone and has personal experience on each and every one of our boats. He loves coming to work every day just for the smell in the marina and is convinced he can tie over 100 knots. He one day hopes to own a 92 enclosed bridge Viking. When Pat isn’t hanging out on our docks he studies criminology at the University of Tampa.



Like all of our leaders, Chris is a seasoned Chicago Electric Boat Company veteran with three summers of crew experience under his belt. Chris’ favorite thing about working on our docks is the beautiful friendships that have blossomed with his fellow crew members. When our boats are hibernating in the winter, Christ studies marketing and sales at DePaul University here in Chicago. Currently, Chris can only tie one knot, but plans to learn more. His dream boat is a Sunseeker 108.


For the past three seasons, Mason has made the docks of Marina City his summer home. Yet another Chicago Electric Boat Company veteran, Mason has worked hard as one of our crew members and this year was promoted to one of our Crew Leaders. Mason is a student at Iowa State during the off season, where he studies finance. At the beginning of the season Mason could tie two knots but Pat has agreed to show him a few more. If he could have any boat in the world he would choose a Sunseeker Predator 80.

Reserve your summer cruise today and keep an eye out for our amazing Crew Leaders during your visit!

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