They’re back! Get to know our returning crew

Earlier this week we introduced you to our newbie crew members, and at the beginning of the summer you met our crew leaders. Now it’s time to shine a light on this faithful (and spirited) returning group of young men. No doubt some of these gents will look familiar, take a moment to get to know our seasoned veterans!

IMG_1401David has been with us for the past three summers and we are so glad he keeps returning to our docks. According to David, the boats and his fellow crew members are what keep him coming back for more electric boat fun. David is one of the few crew members who hasn’t fallen in the water – yet. He claims it is because he is graceful on his feet and was blessed with great balance, but the rest of us see this as a challenge. Like many who visit our docks, David’s first impression of our company president, Ron, was from the stellar orientation video that he’s now memorized. “Hello and welcome!”


IMG_1559Tim just couldn’t stay away and we are thrilled that he’s decided to come back and join us for a second summer. He loves working our docks because of the amazing people he encounters and the connections he is able to form. Like David, Tim has never fallen into the water – though, it should be noted that he did jump in the river voluntarily once to save a boat. How about that for dedication?! Tim really enjoyed hanging out with our company president, Ron, at the crew party last summer because he was able to see him relax and have fun with the guys, and he’s looking forward to the party this summer.


IMG_1404Derrick, better know around the docks as D-ROB, is back for a second summer of boating fun. Like many others, his favorite part about working with Chicago Electric Boat Company is the fun environment, the docks, his team members and the dedication of his fellow employees. While Derrick has never actually fallen into the water, he did play a part in another crew member’s surprise river bath. Derrick was docking the Auntie Mimi when another crew member was attempting to help and fell in the water. Though he remained dry, Derrick does accept responsibility for the mishap. A favorite memory of our company president was when Derrick gave Ron and his wife, Lizzy (yes, as in Tizzy Lizzy), a ride across the river and was one of the first to drive the Miss Jennifer, our newest boat.


IMG_1456Nate is back for his second summer on the docks this year. How could he pass up another summer of working outside by the water all day? It was that, coupled with the good vibes and high energy with all of the staff that brought Nate back to us. Poor Nate has fallen in the river twice already this summer, good thing he likes the water so much! His favorite thing about Ron, our company president, is how he seems to appear out of nowhere at any given moment – poof! He also greatly admires Ron’s dedication to the company and what he’s been able to build in just five seasons. (Don’t worry, Nate – we’ll make sure the boss gets that note.)

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