6 Tips for a kid-friendly cruise

We get this question a lot: “Can kids come on the boat?” The answer is YES! Boat rides are fun for everyone, but no one loves them more than our littlest visitors. An electric boat cruise is a family-friendly activity, we asked our crew members and past guests for a couple of tips to make the most out of a family boat ride.

  1. Pack Snacks   You are welcome to bring food and drinks on your cruise, so pack a fun jlw_5828.jpgbag of snacks or, better yet, a picnic. Our boats come complete with tables, making it easy to enjoy a snack or meal while cruising along the river. Finger foods seem to work best, we recommend chips and dip, cheese and crackers, cookies, pizza or sandwiches.
  2. Hydrate   While our boats have canopy coverage from the sun, it can still get a bit warm on a hot summer day. Be prepared with drink options. We have cupholders onboard and have found that water bottles and juice boxes work best with our tiniest passengers.
  3. Hit the Head   Speaking of hydration, make sure you start out with an empty tank, so to speak. We recommend that you take two potty trips before boarding the boats, once when you arrive at the docks and another after the safety video – don’t worry, we’ll wait for you! If you do need to make a pitstop during your cruise, you can radio your crew member and they’ll help you pull into the dock for a quick bathroom break.
  4. Safety First   Your safety is our number one priority during your cruise, especially when there are kids on board. According to Illinois law, all children under the age of 13 must wear a lifejacket while onboard. We have a variety of sizes, including infant lifejackets, and your crew member will assist in finding the right fit for your little ones. 459873_259449494147818_1729774804_o
  5. Grab a Kids Cruise Log   We recently redesigned our Cruise Logs to make them more table friendly, so make sure to grab these fun Chicago-themed activity books before heading out. Play a round of BINGO, draw what you see on the river and don’t forget to stop by the office before or after your cruise to take a peak in our Kids Treasure Chest.
  6. End With a Cool Treat   Be sure to stop by Frost Gelato on the Chicago Riverwalk after your cruise to try one of their amazing six daily flavors. This is a perfect way to end an exciting day on the river – ask your crew member about an exclusive offer for Chicago Electric Boat Company guests!

Book your family boat ride now!

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