10 Lessons Learned by our 2016 Summer Interns

Jam and Bre, our fantastic summer interns, took the time to list some of the lessons a summer on our docks taught them before they head off to their next adventure.

As much as we all hate to admit it, summer is starting to come to an end, and with it this internship. It has been a great summer at Chicago Electric Boat Company and we’ve enjoyed our time and experience here immensely. This has been an incredible summer and we wanted to share what this internship taught us and how it helped prepare us for what’s next:

  1. Protein Bar’s Avo-Matcha drinks are life and can cure anything and everything! Having a bad day? Avo-Matcha. Lost your wallet? Avo-Matcha. Going through a break up? Avo-Matcha. We’d like to thank our VP, Caroline, for introducing us to this new addiction!
  2. When our President, Ron, is in a good mood the office is far from quiet. He’ll belt out Katy Perry or just randomly talk about anything that’s on his mind. But if he’s grumpy because he only got 2 hours of sleep, you’ll know – because he’ll probably remind you about 20 times.
  3. Get lots of sleep Friday night, especially when you have the Saturday morning shift because weekends are always full of surprises.
  4. It’s going to be a good day if someone brings donuts for breakfast and an even better day if someone orders pizza for lunch.
  5. Speaking of food, when you work with mostly 20-something year old men, make sure to label your food and make it crystal clear that you will only share when offered. The crew members and managers better take note, especially if it’s Jam’s food!
  6. After hearing the orientation video about a dozen times each day, you eventually learn to tune it out. That is until someone points out that you can hear it from the office, then it’s back in your head. But hey – at least you’re a river safety expert!
  7. Living off of Subway (located in Marina City) isn’t the worst way to live. Most days are busy and hot and going any further for lunch seems impossible. On those days, Subway’s always got your back.
  8. If ever you are in doubt about a project, just move forward and do it. Chances are your boss will love it – or at least love the effort.
  9. If you have gum, the crew members will love you forever. This is a proven fact.
  10. When we refer to our staff as a giant family, we really mean it. There have been many laughs shared through this summer, and even a few tears. No matter what is going on, there is always someone to share the moment and lend a hand.

We will certainly miss this place when summer is over. All summers must come to an end and, unfortunately, this summer is no different. This has been a wonderful experience and want to thank everyone at Chicago Electric Boat Company for the experience and the many, many fun memories!

On behalf of the entire Chicago Electric Boat Company family, I would like to thank Jam and Bre for their dedication and hard work this summer. Not only did they work hard behind the scenes, helping with everything from graphic design assistance to accounting help to photoshoot organization, but they were excellent customer-facing company representatives. The office was always  more fun when they were there and Caroline, especially, will miss their company and laughs. We wish you two all the best and hope that you’ll come back to visit your Electric Boat Company family often!

Jam and Bre also helped immensely with Downtown Docks and launching Frost Gelato Chicago Riverwalk this summer!

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