Favorite Frost Flavor Combos

One of our favorite things about our new neighbors, Frost Gelato, is the constant rotation of flavors available. Daily offerings are announced on the @FrostChiRiver Twitter account and we now like to think of ourselves as expert gelato combination artists.

After speaking with our crew members, the gents at Downtown Docks and the ladies who scoop gelato perfection at Frost Gelato, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite flavor combinations. So take notes and get ready to make amazing gelato even better!


  1. Nobody Better Lay A Finger Combine Peanut Butter Crunch and Sea Salt Caramel to create a taste similar to a Butterfinger.13709926_10103052956767038_8505102860181793478_n
  2. Sweet & Salty Root Beer Float In the mood for a root beer float with a little something extra? Who says root beer floats need to be made with vanilla. Try it with a scoop of Sea Salt Caramel for a delicious spin on an old classic.DSCF9696
  3. Frozen PB&J Inspired by America’s favorite sandwich, combine Peanut Butter Crunch and Raspberry Sorbet in a freshly made waffle cone. DSCF9686
  4. Nut Lovers Special You nut lovers know who you are, good thing we’ve got plenty of nutty flavors to meet your needs. Our favorite is Roasted Almond mixed with Pistachio, mmmm – now that’s nutty!13340189_142479146157263_7887490049255978558_o
  5. The Bluth Chocolate Banana You know what they say: there’s always money in the banana stand! Combine delicious Banana and Chocolate flavors to create a treat worthy of the Jason Bateman seal of approval. JasonBateman-1
  6. Drunken Raspberry Stop at City Winery next door to grab a glass of Riverwalk Rose then ask us to add a scoop of Raspberry Sorbet. Talk about a happy hour!DSCF9766


A visit to Frost Gelato at the Chicago Riverwalk is the perfect way to end a fun cruise on the Chicago River. Ask our Crew Members about exclusive deals at Frost for Chicago Electric Boat Company guests.

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