WGN’s Around Town Visits the Chicago Riverwalk

Bright and early – the Frost crew gets camera ready!

On Monday, August 29, WGN’s Ana Belaval paid a visit to the Chicago Riverwalk. Ana, along with a few lucky guests, floated their way down the Chicago River on the Island Party Boat, stopping at various Riverwalk businesses along the way, including Downtown Docks and Frost Gelato.

IMG_8103The lovely Miss Jennifer, who likes to hang out at the Riverwalk dock, got quite a bit of screen time. Ron Silvia, the president of Chicago Electric Boat Company, also spoke to Ana and WGN viewers about renting one of our electric boats to explore the Chicago River.

It’s no surprise that in between segments Ana and her crew treated themselves to delicious Frost Gelato. It may have only been 9am but, like Ana, we live by the motto: It’s Never Too Early for Gelato!


If you missed the live show then take a moment to watch Ana’s visit to the Chicago Riverwalk.

If you have yet to visit the Chicago Riverwalk this summer, then now is the time. Enjoy a sweet treat at Frost Gelato, a memorable happy hour at City Winery or some delicious BBQ at Tiny Hatt. Or, better yet, get that vino and grub to go and jump across the river, onto one of our electric boats so you can enjoy Chicago from the best seat in the city.

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