Chicago River named Trip Advisor’s #1 Attraction in America!

Hey, Chicago – looks like our secret is out. Not only do we love our hometown river but it appears that everyone else does, too! Trip Advisor announced last week that the most booked tour in all of America is the iconic Chicago River Architecture Cruise, beating out U.S. attractions like the Grand Canyon and Statue of Liberty.


We couldn’t be prouder to be a member of the Chicago River community, especially with the grand opening of the newly completed Chicago Riverwalk. There has never been a better time to experience this great city from her main artery and we love sharing the view with all of you!

Renting one of our electric boat is a great option for visitors and residents who have already taken a traditional architecture cruise. As the captain of your own boat, you have the freedom to take your self-guided tour at your own pace. Also, since they are electric, our boats are nice a quiet, give your party a chance to talk, laugh and listen to your own music. Don’t forget, our boats are all BYOB and the onboard tables make them a perfect spot to host a floating picnic.

Rent Your Boat Today

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