Local Tastes to Enjoy on the Chicago River

If you missed the taste of Chicago this summer, don’t fret! With a city full of incredible food, you don’t need to wait till next summer to experience a little taste of Chicago. Summer is still here and there’s lots of time left to partake in its beauty while devouring all the delicious food. Whether you’re a tourist or a proud Chicagoan, there is no better place to be in the middle of summer. With our gorgeous Riverwalk finally being completed you can take a boat ride with friends and family while you enjoy your very own little “taste” of Chicago.

JLW_7068.jpgWhen you rent one of our boats, we want you to engage all of your senses – that includes your taste buds! In fact, our boats are set up to make dining while on the river super easy, with tables and even cup holders. Bring along some food and drink to make your cruise even more memorable.

Can’t decide on what food to bring along on your boating adventure? This can be an overwhelming decision because Chicago has so many unique and delicious dining options. We asked our Crewmembers and Interns to help us come up with our favorite local boat-friendly “top tastes” for you to try:


  1. Chicago Nutella Cafe | 189 N. Michigan Ave. – Sample a tasty Nutella crepe from one of Chicago’s newest innovative eateries!
  2. Frost Gelato |27 W. Riverwalk S. – Give the Root Beer Float a taste – creamy and wonderfully refreshing.
  3. Eataly |43 E Ohio St. – Salumi & Formaggi (Meats & Cheeses) tray is the way to go!
  4. Tiny Tapp | 55 Riverwalk – Bring Tennessee to Chicago with their Memphis style BBQ.
  5. Firecakes Donuts | 68 W Hubbard St.  – Give all of the delicious assorted flavors a taste.
  6. City Winery | 11 Chicago Riverwalk – Greek Panini is a game changer, try for yourself!
  7. Pastoral | Loop 53 E. Lake – Pick up the Savory finger chicken sandwiches.

Also consider bringing your own, customized food assortment from home. Chips and dip, sandwiches and finger foods are easy to share while on your boat.

With so much to see along the river and with so many food options, you may never run out of ideas and combinations.


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