Hope for a Brighter Day

In the past nine years of operation, Chicago Electric Boat Company has never been more excited to start its rental season! The employees at CEBC have a true passion for the water – it brings them joy, community, and a sense of calm. It is the company’s hope that these modified rentals will bring the same happiness to customers – a relaxing and fun outlet in a time of such uneasiness and uncertainty. CEBC is excited to announce a new partnership with the Chicago-based non-profit mental awareness charity, Hope For The Day. 

CEBC identifies the importance of supporting a healthy state of mind during these trying times. The company will run a two-week promotion to support Hope For The Day – donating 30% of rental proceeds during opening week and 20% of rental proceeds the following week. 

For many people, staying at home can be overwhelmingly lonesome. Such isolation adds a lot of stress to someone’s mental health. Globally, over 800,000 suicides are reported each year, with many more going unreported. In the US alone, over 121 individuals complete suicide on a daily basis. This is a serious issue and CEBC is committed to supporting Hope For The Day as they create a movement empowering the conversation on proactive suicide prevention and mental health education. 

Through outreach, education, and action, Hope for the Day has been equipping people with the right tools to be proactive in their communities for almost a decade. By being dedicated to meeting people where they are and not where they’re going to be, Hope For The Day has been represented in all 50 states, 26 countries, and 17 languages! Leading with the message of “It’s OK to not be OK,” their commitment to breaking the silence surrounding mental health is second to none. 

Follow us on social media to learn how we will continue to support this vital non-profit organization. Learn more information about Hope For The Day .

Book your rental today and join Chicago Electric Boat Company in supporting this amazing organization! 

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